The Founding of Security Cameras Oahu

Choosing the right security camera system is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Security Cameras Oahu was founded with the idea that security cameras are the basis for getting criminal activity resolved.  After dealing with many different security devices, and being on countless appointments with victims of criminal incidents, we have found that security camera footage is, in many cases, the only way of getting situation resolved.

Deciding to make a company that is dedicated to security cameras was difficult because of the revenue stream required from other security equipment such as alarm systems, alarm monitoring, card access systems and so forth.  After years of selling, installing, and maintaining these other items we realized the main reason why these items are pushed and sold so much by other companies, is because that's really all they are, revenue streams. Another monthly bill, another forced contract, and as the years keep going the police stop responding to alarm calls, technology to disable to disable these systems has become readily available to anyone with the internet and an address to send devices to disable these systems.

So sticking to being a company dedicated to hard wired security camera systems has been a decision really for our customer's best benefit.  After talking to countless victims and countless police officers, the number one question upon entering a crime scene is "Do you have cameras?"

We pride ourselves on being the only company that sticks to one aspect of security for homes and businesses alike. We do security cameras with no forced monthly contracts or future obligations to our company.  We hold and maintain an excellent rating on multiple review sites, and we hope our customers hold us to it.